Movies That Will Inspire Your New Year 2021

The Telugu film industry provides its audiences with movies, web series, chat shows, and more across different genres like romance, action, comedy, drama, kids, thrillers, etc. The Telugu film industry is undoubtedly one of the most popular among all the film industries. The storyline, artwork, flashy locations, and awe-inspiring performances are just some of Telugu movies’ highlights. Add to these the foot-tapping dance numbers, melodic songs, hair-raising action scenes, and rib-tickling humor, and you have a recipe tailor-made for success. It is no surprise then that Telugu movies are some of the highest gross-earners in India. With theatres drawing their shutters down due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Telugu film industry did suffer a temporary setback. However, with the help of OTT platforms like Aha, which offers telugu movies free online , web series, chat shows, and more online, the Telugu film industry is now roaring back into action.

Aha, an OTT platform that offers on-demand video streaming services online, caters exclusively to the Telugu audience. The OTT platform Aha was founded in 2020 and provides a vast collection of online content featuring movies, web series, chat shows, and other content across all genres. Its wide array of online content, combined with exceptional ad-free streaming services, makes Aha a popular and must-have OTT platform among all age groups.

Today’s section features two outstanding Telugu movies streaming on Aha that will inspire your New Year 2021. Let us look at how they fare.

  1. Vedam

Vedam is a story of five different characters. VivekChakravarthi (Manoj Manchu) is a budding rockstar from Bengaluru who is scheduled to perform Hyderabad. Saroj (Anushka) is a sex worker from Amalapuram who desires to start her Hyderabad venture instead of working in a not-so-acceptable profession. Ramulu (Nagaiah) is a textile worker from Lingampally who, after being tortured repeatedly by a money lender to repay his money, goes to Hyderabad in search of a solution. Cable Raju (Allu Arjun) is a cable operator from Hyderabad looking for a shortcut to make money to impress his rich girlfriend. And lastly, we have Raheemuddin Qureshi (ManojBajpai), a Muslim guy from Hyderabad who, tortured by a troubled past, is looking to find a safer place. How these characters meet each other at one place and the drama that unfolds is the story of Vedam.

Watch the movie for its soul-touching story and emotional performances.

  1. Gypsy

The story is about a Gypsy (Jiiva) who is born to a Hindu-Muslim couple. The couple is killed in a terrorist attack in Kashmir. Gypsy grows up under the guidance of a musician who educates and teaches him the importance of freedom. Before dying, he asks Gypsy to find a soulmate who can take care of him. Soon, Gypsy meets Waheeda (Natasha Singh), and their love blossoms. They run away to Uttar Pradesh, where a religious riot brings tragedy and the pain of separation in their lives. Will, the politics of religion, separate them forever, or will they defy all odds to get back together is the story of Gypsy.

Watch the movie for its delicate portrayal of intricate human nature and the ‘humanity-above-everything-else’ message that it so prominently renders.

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