Movies That Will Inspire Your New Year 2021

The Telugu film industry provides its audiences with movies, web series, chat shows, and more across different genres like romance, action, comedy, drama, kids, thrillers, etc. The Telugu film industry is undoubtedly one of the most popular among all the film industries. The storyline, artwork, flashy locations, and awe-inspiring performances are just some of Telugu movies’ highlights. Add to these the foot-tapping dance numbers, melodic songs, hair-raising action scenes, and rib-tickling humor, and you have a recipe tailor-made for success. It is no surprise then that Telugu movies are some of the highest gross-earners in India. With theatres drawing their shutters down due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Telugu film industry did suffer a temporary setback. However, with the help of OTT platforms like Aha, which offers telugu movies free online , web series, chat shows, and more online, the Telugu film industry is now roaring back into action.

Aha, an OTT platform that offers on-demand video streaming services online, caters exclusively to the Telugu audience. The OTT platform Aha was founded in 2020 and provides a vast collection of online content featuring movies, web series, chat shows, and other content across all genres. Its wide array of online content, combined with exceptional ad-free streaming services, makes Aha a popular and must-have OTT platform among all age groups.

Today’s section features two outstanding Telugu movies streaming on Aha that will inspire your New Year 2021. Let us look at how they fare.

  1. Vedam

Vedam is a story of five different characters. VivekChakravarthi (Manoj Manchu) is a budding rockstar from Bengaluru who is scheduled to perform Hyderabad. Saroj (Anushka) is a sex worker from Amalapuram who desires to start her Hyderabad venture instead of working in a not-so-acceptable profession. Ramulu (Nagaiah) is a textile worker from Lingampally who, after being tortured repeatedly by a money lender to repay his money, goes to Hyderabad in search of a solution. Cable Raju (Allu Arjun) is a cable operator from Hyderabad looking for a shortcut to make money to impress his rich girlfriend. And lastly, we have Raheemuddin Qureshi (ManojBajpai), a Muslim guy from Hyderabad who, tortured by a troubled past, is looking to find a safer place. How these characters meet each other at one place and the drama that unfolds is the story of Vedam.

Watch the movie for its soul-touching story and emotional performances.

  1. Gypsy

The story is about a Gypsy (Jiiva) who is born to a Hindu-Muslim couple. The couple is killed in a terrorist attack in Kashmir. Gypsy grows up under the guidance of a musician who educates and teaches him the importance of freedom. Before dying, he asks Gypsy to find a soulmate who can take care of him. Soon, Gypsy meets Waheeda (Natasha Singh), and their love blossoms. They run away to Uttar Pradesh, where a religious riot brings tragedy and the pain of separation in their lives. Will, the politics of religion, separate them forever, or will they defy all odds to get back together is the story of Gypsy.

Watch the movie for its delicate portrayal of intricate human nature and the ‘humanity-above-everything-else’ message that it so prominently renders.

Download and subscribe to the Aha app today to watch Telugu webseries. Enjoy your favorite movies, talk shows, and much more from the safety of your home.

2020 Thriller Comedy Movie – Bell Bottom

A top OTT streaming service provider AHA is owned by Arha Media And Broadcasting Private Limited and is a joint venture between Geetha Arts and My Home Group. The platform offers content in the Telegu language, exclusively screening the latest series and movies in Telegu. Officially launched in the year 2020, the app is easy to use and reasonably priced too. The app can operate on MAC, Smart TV, PC, tablets, and mobile devices.

While watching Indian movies online on various OTT platforms has become a new norm thanks to COVID, you can now watch content in Telegu when you subscribe to the AHA platform. Are you looking to watch comedy movies online in Telegu on AHA and wish to seek some recommendations? Then go ahead and watch Bell Bottom this weekend. A complete family entertainer, the thriller movie is sure to keep you glued to your chairs till the end.

Bell bottom screening on the Telegu in-demand video streaming service

AHA video has been streaming a host of the latest Telegu content and today has a subscriber list. Bell Bottom is a particular movie that every Telegu movie buff should watch.

The movie is based on a detective like Sherlock Holmes who is passionate about solving detective cases. The irony is that the protagonist of the story is not really a detective but a constable. However, he enjoys solving mysteries and is a self-made detective. He reads thriller books and watches movies which have inspired him to be a detective himself.

Divakar, the hero of the movie, is a cop’s son who covets to be a detective right from his teens. Eventually, he does become a constable but he gets lucky when a detective case comes knocking at his door where he needs to solve the mystery behind a theft. Divakar takes up this challenge and starts to do what he is passionate about.

The comical detective story is something that the Telugu movie lovers had definitely been waiting for. The movie is about the various twists and turns that happen in the journey of solving the mystery. With many comical lines in between the main plot, the movie does not just thrill you but also gives you a good laugh.

Starring Rishab Shetty and Hari Priya, you definitely should not miss watching this movie with your family.


AHA is a Telegu OTT platform that has over a million subscribers worldwide. The ad-free movie experience at an affordable price makes it a popular OTT platform. Not just movies, but you can watch originals, shows, and web series too on the OTT channel. The company covers content in various genres like horror, romance, thriller, and comedy. AHA is also excellent for kids. It has many movies and kids’ shows created for the little one.

A complete family entertainer OTT platform you definitely should not think twice to subscribe to the AHA platform if you love to watch Telegu content. The platform promises quality over quantity. If you are still not sure then why not try out the 30-day free trial before you go ahead and pay its nominal subscription to be a paid member of AHA.

Popular Telugu Web Series in 2020

In the past few decades the Tollywood industry has taken up a rise. TollywoodIndustry isn’t just loved because of its romantic web series but also very well known for its jaw-dropping thriller series. They have always put up their best to entertain the audience. Youngsters admire their superstars in the way they present themselves on the cameras. The storyline and the direction are so convincing and connecting that you feel that you are a part of such a big industry. During this pandemic, it has been a curse to the film industry, but all thanks to some great minds who decided to entertain their audience by launching themselves on an OTT platform with web series online. The launch of the aha application has been a great success in a time where the whole world was in fear. It is an application that will provide you with original Telugucontent. The AHA app has culminated in rich audio and video streaming throughout the world and most important that from now onwards, the time to listen to those dull advertisements has been terminated. The love, response, affection for the Teluguweb seriesOnline has shot up the subscribers to 2 million and 20 million users. Ahaapp has been set as a benchmark for any other application. The application covers a variety of popular Telugu web series of 2020. You can watch web series onlinein the Aha application. The top-rated web series in the year 2020 is Mastis.


Masti’s is a web series filled with love, lust, ambition, passion, and many more. It was released during the pandemic time and received lots of love. It is full of love, romance, and spark. The director of this web series is KrishJagarlamudi. The series begins with six people from a different world and different status, talking about the pitfalls life has to offer. One of the characters, Pranav, loves his wife endlessly. As a token of love, he gifted her a lounge bar, Masti, on their anniversary. Anand worked in the same lounge, and loved Lekha, who rejected him as she had a different misconception of her life. Tanya is a singer in Masti who aims to keep the band intact, despite the fact that their two bandmates had created disturbances out of love. Pranav then struggled due to the extramarital affairs he had. The whole of the story revolves around the challenges faced by the characters due to love, relationship, and rejection.

During this pandemic, other things might affect, but the entertainment should go on. Ahaapplication is always there to relax your mood and keep you engaged in this lockdown with its thriller and romantic plot. Telugu Industry is always ready to serve you with their best. Watch the wide range of web series online and subscribe Aha app for more fun and joy.

Latest South Indian Telugu Movies On Aha

Aha is a great platform where one can watch all genres of new Telugu movies, web series and more. You can find the latest super hit and original Telugu web series and movies on Aha.

Aha is a place where you can relate to any emotions. Be it comedy, romantic, thrillers, drama, historic and anything you wish for, aha got everything you can watch all day and night. Telugu as a major language of streaming, it’s reaching its wide audience.

OreyBujjiga is a Great Example:

The Indian film industry has witnessed a very beautiful romantic comedy movie. OreyBujjiga is a new Telugu movie which has made a sensation online. It a very funny love story between Bujji and Swathi. The story begins where bujji’s parents decide a wedding match, he feels about it and moves out of the village. Our Swathi is also in a similar situation and decides to leave home. There are some impressive twists and turns in the plot where they come together and fall in love with each other unknowing. It’s a very beautiful and fun love story that everyone loves to watch.

Cast & Crew:

OreyBujjiga was directed by a young director Vijay Kumar Konda and produced by K. K. Radhamohan, starring Raj Tarun, Malvika Nair and Hebah Patel. Anup Rubens is the creator of this soothing and absolute pleasant music.

More About TheOreyBujjiga:

The Movie was released on Aha platform on 1st of October 2020. It is a romantic comedy Telugu movie. Its runtime is 2 hours 29 minutes. 

Impressive performance:

  • Raj Tarun is a lead character of the story.
  • Malavika Nair is the female lead of the movie.
  • Hebah Patel has done a special appearance.
  • Sapthagiri performance is an asset to the film.
  • Every character has added life to the movie and made it a big success. Each and every minor character played wonderfully and proved themselves in the best possible.

Reasons To Watch:

Reasons are numerous to watch this pretty movie

  1. To be pointed out humour is the best aspect of the movie. They have very decent and on-point comedy.
  2. Malavika Nair’s performance is a highlight to the film. Her exceptional action has made the movie look easier and natural.
  3. Music is a great aspect that people would not want to miss, the soothing music will take the movie into the whole another level.
  4. Dialogues, be it fairy love lines or comedy punch! Dialogues played a major role in the success of the film.
  5. Another additional reason to watch this movie is, its very easy to access, it is available on Aha! You can just open the aha and watch it anytime, anywhere.

Aha is a user-friendly streaming website where one can find all genres of Telugu movies. People who love comedy movies, they must watch this Telugu movie. OreyBujjiga is an absolute fun movie to watch anytime. It will definitely steal your hearts with its characters, storyline and music. Watch OreyBujjigamovie online today at Aha.


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