2020 Thriller Comedy Movie – Bell Bottom

A top OTT streaming service provider AHA is owned by Arha Media And Broadcasting Private Limited and is a joint venture between Geetha Arts and My Home Group. The platform offers content in the Telegu language, exclusively screening the latest series and movies in Telegu. Officially launched in the year 2020, the app is easy to use and reasonably priced too. The app can operate on MAC, Smart TV, PC, tablets, and mobile devices.

While watching Indian movies online on various OTT platforms has become a new norm thanks to COVID, you can now watch content in Telegu when you subscribe to the AHA platform. Are you looking to watch comedy movies online in Telegu on AHA and wish to seek some recommendations? Then go ahead and watch Bell Bottom this weekend. A complete family entertainer, the thriller movie is sure to keep you glued to your chairs till the end.

Bell bottom screening on the Telegu in-demand video streaming service

AHA video has been streaming a host of the latest Telegu content and today has a subscriber list. Bell Bottom is a particular movie that every Telegu movie buff should watch.

The movie is based on a detective like Sherlock Holmes who is passionate about solving detective cases. The irony is that the protagonist of the story is not really a detective but a constable. However, he enjoys solving mysteries and is a self-made detective. He reads thriller books and watches movies which have inspired him to be a detective himself.

Divakar, the hero of the movie, is a cop’s son who covets to be a detective right from his teens. Eventually, he does become a constable but he gets lucky when a detective case comes knocking at his door where he needs to solve the mystery behind a theft. Divakar takes up this challenge and starts to do what he is passionate about.

The comical detective story is something that the Telugu movie lovers had definitely been waiting for. The movie is about the various twists and turns that happen in the journey of solving the mystery. With many comical lines in between the main plot, the movie does not just thrill you but also gives you a good laugh.

Starring Rishab Shetty and Hari Priya, you definitely should not miss watching this movie with your family.


AHA is a Telegu OTT platform that has over a million subscribers worldwide. The ad-free movie experience at an affordable price makes it a popular OTT platform. Not just movies, but you can watch originals, shows, and web series too on the OTT channel. The company covers content in various genres like horror, romance, thriller, and comedy. AHA is also excellent for kids. It has many movies and kids’ shows created for the little one.

A complete family entertainer OTT platform you definitely should not think twice to subscribe to the AHA platform if you love to watch Telegu content. The platform promises quality over quantity. If you are still not sure then why not try out the 30-day free trial before you go ahead and pay its nominal subscription to be a paid member of AHA.

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